What is worth knowing about Hurghada

What is worth knowing about Hurghada

Hurghada yet at the end of the nineteenth century was a small fishing village, inhabited by a small group of residents. beautiful nature, in this fantastic, coral reefs full of life caused, that there began to appear the first hotels. Intensive development of the city began in the eighties of the last century, when peace was signed between Egypt and Israel. This place is noted investors, and within a short period of time it has grown into one of the largest and most popular tourist resorts in Africa. Currently, Hurghada is a cluster of modern hotel resorts, Unfortunately, the dynamic development of tourism is the place lost some of its old charm and climate.

Hurghada lies on the western shore of the Red Sea, approximately. 500 kilometers from Cairo. Long stretches on 40 kilometer strip along the desert coast, where the vast majority is dominated by complex Holiday. Hurghada is located in the zone of dry tropical climate, so there the whole time the sun shines, a temperature range from 23 ° C in February, to above 35 ° C in the summer months. In winter the sea is blowing strong, unpleasant wind, which can be quite disruptive.

Information about the place
Hurghada now has less than two hundred thousand inhabitants, It consists of five main districts. The oldest, famous for primarily the largest bazaar in the city and many shops are Dahar, There is also a post office and bus station. The newer of Daharu Sakkala is now considered to be the center of the city, you can see there is a beautiful Old Town and visit the numerous cafes and shops. At the new center begins to grow slowly Village Road, This lies in the southern part of the city district in recent years has developed rapidly. The next two quarters, that is, Sahl Hasheesh and Marina are relatively young, the first of them is private, Exclusive town, and in the second yacht harbor, clubs, restaurants and discos.

Hurghada no would gain so much popularity if not for the possibility of convenient flights. The airport serves most of the country, these are often charter flights, but you can also fly to Hurghada by cruise lines. Sam airport is located a few kilometers away from buildings. If someone does not have afforded passage to hotel, it can reach the city by taxi, because there is no public transport.

Tourists come to Hurghada usually on organized tours, so they have a guaranteed trip and a place in one of the hundreds of hotels. More and more interest, however, are beginning to enjoy yourself organized trips. In Hurghada is a large number of modern and relatively cheap apartments for rent, and a large number of flights makes, that there are no problems in reaching the place.

Red Sea is associated with warm water and beautiful coral reefs, and it is the biggest attraction of Hurghada. In my free time is worth a visit to the old district Dahar, which is the city's largest market square, where you can buy a lot of interesting memorabilia. Worth seeing is also the Down Town, stroll the charming streets will surely be a pleasant break from sunbathing, and numerous shops invite you to shop. Lovers of thrill can enjoy quad, jeep or even camel trip in the desert. Hurghada is also a perfect starting point to other tourist destinations, They are organized with the numerous trips to Luxor, Cairo and Giza.