Before you fly to Hurghada, check out

Before you fly to Hurghada, check out


A visa is mandatory in Egypt, its cost is currently 25 dollars. It can be purchased before departure, and you can also be in the same Hurghada, after landing. On receipt of a visa does not have any formal problems, It is only recommended, to have the exact amount of money when paying. The validity of the document is 1 month, after this time should be extended. Upon arrival, it is also necessary to fill the declaration of entry, which is leaving the position of severance. Passport at the entrance to Egypt must have 6 months validity.


Hurghada is a very safe city. As a tourist resort spare her any turbulence, which can be found in other parts of Egypt. In Hurghada primarily count tourists, who expect this, that nothing serious they will not jeopardize, instead leaving this town your money. Yes, They occur there various offenses, However, their number is very similar, everywhere else. A big impact on the level of security to law enforcement, including the police visit, which are able to quickly and efficiently bring order. Those first arriving to Hurghada can be surprised the amount of armed police, but also thanks to him in this place you can go out without fear at night on the street.

Telefony i internet
Using Polish phone in Egypt is a very expensive solution, what painfully convinced the successive tourists with several thousand bills to pay after return. Outgoing calls cost from Egypt to 10 zł per-minute, much cheaper are coming, the road is also a data transfer. Therefore, it is best to limit the use of Polish number to a minimum, and instead purchase a SIM card of one of the Egyptian operators. The card costs a few dozen pounds, however minute call with a few Polish, it is so much cheaper than roaming. Increasingly cards also have a data package, so in addition to the ring you can also be used through the Internet. With the Internet in Hurghada can also be used in Internet cafes, which have good equipment and high-speed. Increasingly, access to the wireless network wi-fi is also in hotels, where stop tourists.

Leaving Egypt should be aware of this, it is a Muslim country, with multiple unknown to Europeans bans. It is therefore necessary to adapt to the prevailing there habits, among other things, by wearing appropriate clothing. On the beaches bathing suits are most on the spot, But beyond the tourist areas you should avoid wearing them, like short skirts or shorts. Men should wear long pants, and women clothes that cover the arms and legs to the knees.

Alcohol is available in Egypt, However, only a certain number of points. It is prohibited its consumption in public, and in hotels there is in this respect special restrictions. Because of the high temperatures prevailing during the day best drink wyskokowym at this time is beer. Egyptian beer is readily available, relatively cheap, and what is important to taste very similar to beer from Polish. In the evening, when it gets colder, You can afford all kinds of drinks or even something stronger. Deciding on alcohol, particularly with larger percentages, you have to remember one important thing. In Egypt they prevail large heat, during which it is very easy to overdo the amount of beer or drinks, and the effects of this can be really nasty.

In Egypt, the official currency is the Egyptian pound, but you can easily pay in dollars or euros. courses, according to which are converted prices are much lower than those in force at the exchange offices, with small purchases virtually undetectable. Exchange offices are commonly found, both in hotels and popular tourist spots. There is an extensive network of ATMs too, which supports the most popular types of cards. When shopping it is essential to remember, to haggle. Mostly prices are served by a wide margin, So it is worth to keep in mind, and did not immediately pull money. You should be very careful when buying souvenirs. some items, For example, pieces of coral reef, They are covered by the export ban, and his attempt may be over a substantial fine. You should also check the authenticity of this, what you buy, because tourists are often cheated.

The most convenient way to travel around Hurghada are taxis, which can be ordered around the clock. You can get them almost anywhere, and the price of tolls vary from a few to as much as fifty LE, when the course will be on the other end of town. Theoretically taxis have installed taximeters, However, they are rarely used. Therefore, the best solution is to set a price for the ride before driving off, Here bargaining is also the most on the spot. On the specified routes in Hurghada ride regular buses, the cost of passing them is up 3 THE. In Hurghada you can hire a car, because of the low price of fuel is a cost-effective solution. However, one should be very careful while driving, as the Egyptian drivers are less predictable and often go quite dangerous.

Vaccinations and health care
Trip to Egypt does not require any special vaccinations, but for your own safety, you should think about vaccination against hepatitis, diphtheria, tężcowi i polio. Medicines in pharmacies are generally available, but if someone taking them regularly, This should bring adequate supply. The most common health problems in Egypt is cold and “Pharaoh's revenge”, Fortunately, with the help of local drugs can quickly cure. Health insurance is mandatory prior to departure, and just in time for it not worth saving. Medical services in Egypt are paid, are often quite high amounts, therefore insurance should cover a wide range of treatment. Before visiting the hospital or physician should consult with the insurer scope and cost of treatment, later that there were no problems with covering the costs.

Revenge of the Pharaoh
Stomach problems associated with infection of the digestive system affect up to 40% tourists visiting Egypt. The main reason for the infection is the consumption of unboiled water, wherein the bacteria are, which Europeans are not immune. The disease most often occurs in the summer, when the temperature is high, manifested abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The most important in its prevention is to keep basic hygiene, above all, not taking a drink and food from unknown sources. To drink is best to use water from a bottle, and definitely avoid tap water. If the symptoms have already come, it must go to a pharmacy for appropriate medication ( Antinal ). In practice, it is worth to buy them in advance, so that when the first symptoms immediately apply them, and not waste time searching.