Is it worth it to go to Hurghada?

Is it worth it to go for a holiday to Hurghada? Definitely yes.
Most importantly it is safe. Hurghada is changing beyond recognition, the differences are visible from month to month with the naked eye, I think the biggest this year .

Stewards of the city invent something new and bring your thoughts in the implementation of, to the greatest extent as to attract tourists from around the world. Very big impression starts doing rebuilding the main street Sheraton ” ala ” promenade. To be honest I go to them. Property owners offer their apartments or apartment for rent at very attractive prices, They give a very good service from airport transfers ending on advice where you can eat well and have fun ( relations between the parties are often close friendship leaven). The development of the internet and we are talking about speeds and relatively low price has a bigger impact on the arrival of young people and business people, because they can be in constant touch with the world or your business.

I would recommend a very cool place to visit EL KHEMA, where they play cool muse and how you can meet people in the picture below.( author Claudia Łodzikowska )

chillout place

They open from time to time such as new shopping centers. ” Hurghada City ” part of his include the number of chain stores and market Carrefour market, so we can find also a cinema and a glass-walled living coral reef.