apartamenty Hurghada

apartamenty Hurghadaapartment in hurghada or apartments in Hurghada Egypt, under the terms we understand apartments for rent in Hurghada or apartments to buy.

After almost a month stay in November in Hurghada I can certainly say, that the situation returns to purchase their own “m” in a friendly and above all cheerful ( above all, sunny ) city ​​for foreigners. Why do I think so and this is based on the observation of local and banner ads real estate agencies.

hurghada apartmentIn the building where I reside , neighboring apartment during our stay was shown with new customers 15 times. I would recommend no less renting an apartment in Hurghada my apartment, which you can book on our website at Facebook or sites such as airbnb.com or booking.com. A detailed description can be found on this page, which very fairly present its actual appearance. Following the recent findings of the managers of the complex it is possible to enter on the associated right on the beach part of the ongoing construction of the hotel.



Weather conditions, air conditioning in Hurghada

Weather conditions, air conditioning in Hurghada

Weather conditions, air conditioning in Hurghada It lies in the northern part of Africa, in the tropical dry. However, due to the proximity of the Red Sea, the climate in the city is much milder than in other parts of Egypt. The weather is perfect for the tourists, almost cloudless sky all year round, the lack of rainfall and high temperatures make, that every season is good to arrive. From June to November the temperatures are at a high level, reaching up to 40 ° C, Warm are also night and the sea water. The temperature is from 25 ° C to 30 ° C, which gives the perfect conditions for swimming. In the remaining months is a little cooler, However, both the water temperature and the air during the day is maintained at about 20 ° C. Cool nights are, however,, between December and March after an hour 17 the temperature rapidly drops to a level even 10 ° C, and often they occur even frost. Another factor, to bear in mind when going in this period to Hurghada is cold, the wind blowing in from the sea. It causes significant reduction in chill temperatures, So it is advisable to bring along warmer clothes, and after leaving the water covering of the towel. On the beaches very well suited screens to protect against stronger gusts. In Hurghada virtually never rains, Cloudy and is only a few days a year.

Average temperatures in Hurghada each month
The air temperature in days Air temperature at night Temperature of water
January 21 15 19
February 21 15 19
March 23 17 21
April 24 18 22
May 27 22 23
June 30 25 24
July 36 28 25
August 39 32 27
September 35 30 26
October 28 26 25
November 25 22 23
December 21 16 21

January Hurghada

The temperature should range between 18 ° C and 24 ° C. At night the temperature substantially falling, to near about 11-13 ° C, this is not good for people sensitive to such big changes - it is very easy to podziębić, thus opting for a trip to Egypt in January should bring something warm to wear in the evening a blouse or sweater. Days are still a lot of light, so that the tan is guaranteed.

in February Hurghadzie

Daily temperatures rise slightly, compared to January may reach up to 28 ° -30 ° C. At night, they are still significant temperature drops, warm clothes still desirable.

in March Hurghadzie

March in Egypt ideally suited by. Polish saying "in March as a gallon". This month is the change in temperature between the hot and cold months, in recent years we find more and more frequent violent rain and hail. Day temperature exceeds above 28 ° C, the sea is getting warmer. At night, there have been sharp declines as temperatures in January and February.

in April Hurghadzie

First, almost hot months in Hurghada. Nights are already warmer during the day and higher than the air temperature over 28 ° C. April is the most chosen month of the year by tourists, seeking recreation this winter.

in May Hurghadzie

The air temperature about 30 ° C, the water is really warm 23 ° C - is ideal weather for trips to Egypt. The weather is perfect, because it is not so hot.

in June Hurghadzie

Perfect month for a trip to Hurghada - temperature over 30 ° C, warm nights. From the sky pours not yet known to all Egyptian heat.

in July Hurghadzie

Temperature exceeds more than once 40 ° C and the water temperature is 25 ° C. Must remember burying themselves under the umbrella or other shading in front of an infinity heat from the sky. Ideal for people who love the heat.

in August Hurghadzie

This is another after July hottest month in Hurghada . 40° C heat to normality. The water in the sea is very warm. Sunbathing without sunscreen, it's downright stupidity.

in September Hurghadzie

This is a good month to spend a few weeks the country of the Pharaohs . Day temperature is maintained at 30 ° C, the night is still warm. In other words, ideal conditions for exploring the Egyptian attractions and lazing on the beach.

in October Hurghadzie

Day temperature maintained at a pleasant level of 30 ° C. Water temperatures remain in the summer months, still warm evenings are still.

in November Hurghadzie

this month, in which our countrymen are going on trips to Hurghada. The air temperature is maintained still in the range of 25-29 ° C, yet the sea is quite warm. About an hour 17 it's getting dark.

in December Hurghadzie

Many tourists choose Hurghada as a place, where they spend Christmas. The average day temperature reaches 23 ° C, compared to the Polish is an approximately 30 ° more. In the evenings it gets chilly, So it is worth remembering in warm clothes.

Helen Apartament w Florenza Khamsin

Helen Apartament w Florenza Khamsin – It located in the center of Arabia, between Dahar and Sakkala. This location gives great opportunities to spend free time, Nearby points of interest are numerous shops, cafes and beaches. This is a new, beautiful comfortably furnished apartment with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, for 1-4 people. Balcony overlooking the pool, oval-shaped and children's pool. TV 42″ Flat-screen TV (Polish coded channels – free). Free wi-fi available in the apartment , HELEN APARTMENT network coverage is available at the pool ( the password is given for accommodation ). Mixed marriages are accepted, that have “Orfii “. complex, in which the apartment is located, includes a free beach, which has not yet been completed, in fact they are missing out on the sun loungers and parasols. Additionally, you can use the neighboring beach of the Hotel Zahabia, Living stay on it costs about. 100 EGP (6 $ / per person) ( Included umbrella and chaise) .

Beach hotel Zahabia

Beach hotel Zahabia

beach Florenz Khamsin

Associated beach to Florenz Khamsin

more: gallery Helen Apartment


Salon – in a very bright living room has a sofa bed suitable for 3 people, 2 chairs with dining table , a large chest of drawers.

In bedroom We find two large double beds, 2 nightstands, a large chest of drawers, 2 poufs.

Kitchen It is equipped with two burner ceramic electric cooker, microwave, coffee maker and toaster, Electric Kettle, large fridge, water filter, dishes, cooking utensils and pots. For greater comfort of living kitchen has a washing machine.

Bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer.

also: iron, ironing board, Bed linen and towels, drying rack

Air-conditioning in every room.

On the balcony table and 4 chairs.

Attractions Hurghada

Renting an apartment in Hurghada is not everything described below attractions – It is possible through us.

We advise you to choose excursions in Hurghada, so, so that our guests could best relax and regenerate. Attractions Hurghada is primarily a tourist hotel but not only, because being in Hurghada, do not miss the unique attractions offered by the resort.

Here is a list of the most interesting proposals, for which you may be tempted to break in sunbathing or diving: Horse rides two-hour ride on horseback through the desert or the beach provide an unforgettable experience to every lover of this form of entertainment. You can go early in the morning or in the evening, then have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. In Hurghada and the surrounding area there are several studs, Also beginners can enjoy a trip on such a. Dolphinarium ideal place to watch these exceptional, unusual animals.

Hurghada attractions

Other places to stay in Hurghada trip ples

There you can see not only the dolphins, but also seals and sea lions. Tourists rave made by animals tricks, among other things, playing with balls, aerobics or jumping through hoops. Volunteers can also order a picture with the dolphins or swim with them while in the pool. Water Park Makadi Water Word 30 slides for adults, 16 for children and plenty of other attractions that showcase the best water park Makadi Water Word.

It is located about 30 kilometers from Hurghada, in a picturesque bay Makadi. It is ideal for an active holiday with the whole family, without any problems, you can spend the whole day there and certainly will not be complaining about the reasons for boredom. The park itself is built on a grand scale, Color is extremely, with modern architecture and high standard of services. Excursions to the islands interesting alternative to the hotel's beach is a cruise on one of the islands. These trips usually last a few hours, during which you can relax on the sandy shores or brand and fins unusual watch, underwater world. During the tour is usually served meal, on the islands, you can also use the local bars.

Terenówkami trip quad and quad safari or jeep is an excellent idea to spend a day in a different way than sunbathing. Tours take place most often in one of the surrounding villages Bedouins. Along the way, you can see an extraordinary panorama of the surrounding mountains and desert, with a little luck to experience the mirage. Tour gives you the opportunity to get to know everyday life, traditions and rituals of the local population.

Cruise submarine or glass bottom submarine is one of the most popular attractions of Hurghada. After leaving the boat in the sea immersed to a depth of up to 25 meters, giving the opportunity to enjoy the wealth of the underwater world through the wide windows. Tourists sit on comfortable seats on both sides of the ship.

Attractions Hurghada

Coral reef near the beach is what Helen Apartment Hurghada Florenza Khamsin

Similar experience also gives the cruise ship excursion, which, instead of an ordinary bottom of a special window made of thick glass, through which you can admire the underwater life. Bazaar in Dahar Dahar Visiting the bazaar is a must for anyone staying in Hurghada. You could buy fresh spices, tea or oils, and taste delicious, Coffee roasted on site.


Memorabilia lovers will surely find something original among the hundreds of stalls. Bazaar located in the old, climate district, to encourage walking or relaxing in one of the many cafes climate. Discotheque Hurghada offers many discos and clubs, where you can spend a wild night. Many of them are located in hotels, so tourists do not even have to go out, for some of them, however, you need to get up to several kilometers.

Dance clubs are open until dawn ( about four in the morning ), They fill up most o'clock 23. Admission to most of them is paid, from a dozen to a hundred Egyptian pounds.