Facultative trips

Facultative trips – Hurghada is an ideal starting point for tours of the greatest attractions of Egypt.

It is during a holiday to go at least one of them, because Egypt offers much more than just beaches and Diving.Top decide on organized tours, it is much more convenient, and most often also cheaper and safer. In Hurghada is a lot of travel agencies offering trips to interesting places in Egypt, but you must be careful, who will go. Some local offices have a very poor deal and not worth the risk of bad conditions for a total small savings. The most popular trips are organized from Hurghada:



Cairo city view

From Hurghada you can go to Cairo for one or two-day trip, strongly recommended the latter option, because for a few hours really little you can see. The same one-way trip takes several hours, therefore trips usually take place in the middle of the night. Tour begins from the Egyptian Museum, followed by a quick lunch. The next step is a short trip to Giza, which is probably the most well-known attraction in Egypt, i.e. famous pyramids. Staying in front of the Sphinx and the Pyramids takes about three hours, j if it is a day trip, This is the end of the tour and return to Hurghada. At a two-day trip the second day is devoted to watch other attractions in Cairo, that is, the church Al Mu'allaga, bazaru Khan el Khalili, Ben Ezra synagogue, Citadel of Saladin and the Alabaster Mosque Mouhamed Ali. Cairo offers much more interesting places, so if anyone will be able to, it may explore the city the next few days, and still not see everything.



Temple of Karnak in Dolni Kings – Luksor

A trip to Luxor, like Cairo can be planned for one or two days. The city is far from Hurghada about 300 kilometers, so the trip is usually about five o'clock in the morning, and the same journey takes five hours by bus. At the one-day tour usually visits the Valley of the Kings, Kolosy Memnona, the temples of Karnak and Hatshepsut, as well as the factory of alabaster. By opting for this option is necessary to find out, when he is scheduled to visit the Valley of Kings. In the morning temperatures are more bearable, for this afternoon to be reckoned with hot weather reaching up to 50 degrees. At a two-day trip in the program, there are several additional attractions, among other things, a cruise on the Nile and watch banana plantations. Prices range from day trips from 80 do 120 dollars, two-day trips are about 100 dollars more expensive. The final price has a significant influence time visits to the Valley of the Kings, tours starting from here are a lot more expensive.


Alexandria palace

Alexandria view from the sea

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, It is also considered one of the oldest. Tours to Alexandria usually are offered along with a tour of Cairo, With this arrangement, the first day is intended to Cairo, the second to Alexandria. During the one-day stay tourists usually watch some of the main attractions, because the more you just do not have enough time. A must-see is the Palace of Montaza, which now houses the Royal Museum, It is surrounded by one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Another point is the Roman Theatre, Citadel and Bibliotheca Alexandrina, considered to be the most ancient object of this type. Noteworthy is also the Museum of Greco-Roman, where you can watch tens of thousands of exhibits.



Asuan tama

Aswan is a beautiful, leafy town situated at the first cataract of the Nile. It is a typical market town, but also it has a lot to offer to tourists. Huge impression on each will leave the island Kitchener, located in the river, which they created an extraordinary botanical garden filled with plants from around the world. A necessary element of the tour should be the Museum of Aswan, we should also see the Nubian Museum of Civilization. Additionally, the program includes visiting the High Dam, Philae Temple and stay on the big, the local bazaar. From Aswan depart numerous cruise ships, So during a visit to this city should also plan shorter or longer trip on the Nile.